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Welcome! This website was created on Apr 20 2010 and last updated on Jan 24 2022. The family trees on this site contain 105886 relatives. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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Please do not join this site. Instead join our community. Link under `useful links`.
About  The LaForce & Family Tree

My name's Dawn LeForce & this is my tree.  In it you will find my dad's side, mom's side, two 1/2 brothers' sides & my only child's side.  For this reason I can't allow just anybody to join.  Indeed...I don't know why they have a register feature as this isn't the kind of site you register for.  This is the kind of site someone who knows you invites you to.  And I've already invited all the people I know.

This is a public tree.  What that means is you can search for & view the deceased all day any day.  All you have to do is use the search feature.  In space next to button "find" type in last name first, comma, space, then first name.  It should look like this: leforce, ora.  Then click on "find".  Note: Women are kept in their maiden names.

Just like w/ some text editors W(hat)Y(ou)S(ee)I(s)W(hat)Y(ou)G(et).  In other words, as far as the deceased go, nothing's hidden.  I only keep stats here & I might post notes or links to Find A Grave memorials in the notes section.  No pics...no stories...no records.

I mean no offense here...but this family's too huge for me to speak to anybody individually via  email.  Instead please join either our family community or our Facebook family group.  The links  are on this page in the sidebar to the left.  I also don't accept documents, pics or vids via  email.  Instead please join the community or the group & upload them yourself.  You can also go to  their Find A Grave memorial if they have one & upload pics there.  You don't have to manage a  memorial to upload pics to it...you just have to be a Find A Grave member...which is free.

If you are coming here from Find A Grave please don't use this site to contact me about a memorial  or other Find A Grave business.  Instead go back to Find A Grave & the memorial & click on the  link "suggest a correction".  That way I'll get an email that'll include the memorial # so I can  get right to it without having to search.

If you really want to help me &/or our family...make sure your branch is at Find A Grave.  If so - make sure they're all linked together.  If not - add them then link them all together.  You can link children to parents & spouse(s).  Once done the children will automatically appear on each other's memorials as siblings.  Read their FAQ's for more info.

Thank you & I hope to see you on one of these other sites. :)

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